Education offers the opportunity for independence -- especially for those living in extreme poverty. Each year we build schools, fund scholarships and vocational training that support independence. 

Education can be the difference between a productive and fulfilling life and one that is devastated by poverty, dependence and frustration. Our focus is on vocational training, schools in needy areas, and core learning scholarships for orphans and vulnerable youth. 

We believe in resiliency. We inspire youth worldwide to discover their inner strength, courage and hope. We work very hard every day to empower those we support to imagine -- and then realize -- their full potential as educated, independent, contributing members of local and global communities. We do so by helping to remove barriers of poverty.

We aim to help as many children as we can become proficient in the basics of reading, writing and mathematics so that they can continue to learn, manage their own finances, understand and negotiate pricing, express their own ideas, and fulfill their dreams. Our support of education is always intended to support self-sustainability. 

Global Friends offers hope to vulnerable youth around the world. We started with 38 orphans and now support over 7,500 young people.  

Thank you for your compassionate gift which is changing lives for the better - forever.

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